Before meeting Suzanne I didn’t believe ‘dieting’ a healthy pursuit, was regularly tired, generally overate and on impulse snacked every day on sweet things. I was overweight, knew it and ignored it. I immediately liked Suzanne’s holistic approach to eating & healthy living and the structure of our meetings was engaging and encouraged measurable commitment to change on my part at my agreed pace. The dietary action steps and readiness to change approach gave a great structure for me to implement immediately changes in habit, diet and exercise. I now feel empowered & more in control of my food habits, have lost weight and most importantly, will continue to build on the lifestyle strategies I’ve learned from Suzanne every day!

I started to go to Suzanne after I had my second child. I had put on weight, was feeling very tired all the time and my self-confidence and self-esteem was at a low point. From our first session Suzanne firstly put me at ease and then we had a very honest and frank conversation about my goals and what I was looking. Suzanne went to great lengths to provide me with all the proper information about what foods were, their benefits and their nutritious values. We didn’t focus on losing weight as such but as overall changing my outlook on the benefit of eating healthier. This was a must for me as I didn’t feel I was on a diet but by making these changes I did lose weight. Suzanne was extremely warm, caring and supportive at all times and took our sessions at my pace. At the end of all my sessions my energy levels had dramatically improved, as well as losing weight! I would highly recommend Suzanne to everyone.

I heard about Suzanne through a very good friend. I was always aware that I needed more help in adjusting my lifestyle to coordinate my life. I work in the hospitality industry and always found it hard to create a positive routine in relation to diet and exercise. Suzanne helped me understand what I needed to do to achieve a better lifestyle to become a happier, healthier person. I feel she gave me the confidence to address these issues. It’s great to sit down with a professional and work out these solutions that cater for me as an individual and to know that what I’m doing is going in the right direction.