Suzanne Leyden

Suzanne is a mum of three small children, a businesswoman and a busy woman with a passion for living a healthy and fulfilling life. With an undergraduate degree in Management Science and Information Systems, and having worked for over 10 years in TV, film and commercials production, her stressful, hectic working lifestyle convinced her to make the switch to health coaching. Studying with the Institute of Health Sciences has helped her to provide interesting, varied food plans for her family, taking high nutritional value and constraining factors such as time, budget and ease into consideration. She faces the common challenges of juggling work, family, friends and maintaining good health and energy, but with an approach that is practical and strong on solutions, she has helped restore balance and health in her family’s life, and is now helping others do the same.


Diploma in Diet, Health and Wellness Coaching, and NLP Practitioner Certificate
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
BA (Mod) Management Science and Information Systems (MSISS)

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